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Australian Camps Association welcomes new partnership with Microguard

The Australian Camps Association is happy to announce an exciting new Partnership with Microguard

Microguard produce eco-friendly, active long-lasting products as an effective, ethical, long-term hygiene solution to kill and stop growth of mould, bacteria (smells) and germs.

We recognise the massive importance of good hygiene in businesses of all sizes and industries – Microguard products are easy to use and designed to simplify the process for businesses and their staff, whilst enhancing the effectiveness of their cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Introducing the latest antimicrobial active products that:

  • Help to save time for your cleaners, increase protection to 24/7 (for clients, staff and cleaners, reducing them getting sick) and change your camps maintenance to being proactive.
  • Stopping mould, bacteria (smells) and viruses from surviving and growing on surfaces 

Without changing your current procedures, use the latest technology to do the work, for you!!! 

  • Cleaning - Reduce turn-around-times, keeping all spaces and surfaces clean "grim” bacteria (smell free) and mould free (shower recesses, grouts and silicone)
  • Disinfecting - Ensuring lived-in and used surfaces are germ and bacteria-free "including air-conditioning systems" (Hospital-grade Disinfectant Cleaner "kills bacteria & viruses including covid-19 - which keeps killing for 28 days to 99.9%). 
  • Deep cleaning - coating walls, ceilings, all surfaces and getting into nooks and hard-to-reach spots like air-conditioning systems, fabrics (curtains, beds and furniture) and cupboards.  

Helping to make your maintenance proactive in all area's, STOPPING problems before they happen.

CHANGE is the hardest thing - were here to help you with every step and make your life so much easier!!

SPECIAL PARTNERSHIP OFFER FOR ACA MEMBERS! Contact ACA Membership Manager for more information.

An Australian family owned and run company – supplying only Australian Made independently tested products, that are leading disinfecting and infestation control innovation. Protecting against bacteria, viruses and mould in your camp, hotel, motel, camp grounds, resorts, outdoor spaces or other accommodation space.

Microguard currently work with and protect:

  • Over 200 Parks and Resorts.
  • 5 of the largest Mining Village FM service companies across Australia.
  • Hotels across the Accor, Meriton and Wyndham groups.
  • Defence locations, Childcare centres, and Universities.

For more information visit.

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