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Raising The Standard!
How Do We Protect You From Bacteria, Viruses and More?

Keeping rooms and social areas hygienic and protected throughout the day, from bacteria, harmful germs, moulds.

Existing products require multiple applications per day to ensure all surfaces are hygienic, which can not be achieved, Rooms, common areas, high touch surfaces, and office spaces.

Traditional cleaning and disinfecting uses harsh chemicals that are toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic. These products can do more harm than good and leaving the surfaces unprotected between cleans.

Is there an easy solution available?

The Solution
Intelligent, Preventive Biotech Products That Actively Protect Surfaces 24/7

Together, we can easily increase the hygiene and protection level to 24/7, 10x from what your currently getting in a cost effective way.

We are building a new level of post pandemic business trust and we want you share it with you.

Together, lets show your staff, guest and their families that you care about their safety and that you are proactive in protecting them against Disease, Bacteria, and Illnesses, while staying with you.

Focused On Making Your Camp Cleaner and Safer?
Microguard Is The Solution That Will Help You Raise Your Standards To The Next Level
- Improve your occupational health and safety statement.
- Delivering your duty of care.
- Product training supplied.
- Promotional material supplied at no charge.

Change from using 8 different products to ONE. No more confusion, no mixing chemicals, minimise risk.

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Website: https://microguard-biotech.com/

Address: 50 Nobby Prd, Miami, QLD, 4220

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Call for Expression of Interest ICDC - Trainer

The Australian Camps Association (ACA) is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced Camp professionals to become an International Camp Directors Course (ICDC) Trainer.

Last Minute Availability
Grampians Retreat
27/05/24 - 31/05/24 92
ATAP accredited
Phillip Island Camps
27/05/24 - 29/06/24 130
Phillip Island
ATAP accredited
Warra Gnan Coastal Camp
27/05/24 - 31/05/24 94
Great Ocean Road
ATAP accredited