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Please complete and submit this form to apply for membership of the Australian Camps Association. 

Please note that pro rata rates apply to new memberships only: 1 October (75%), 1st Jan (50%), 1 April pay full fee for the following financial year. Rnewals are due in June each year.

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Membership Compliance and Declaration

The ACA welcomes applications for Membership from individuals, organisations and businesses who wish to support the provision of safe, meaningful and quality camp and led outdoor activity operations.

Camp and Led Outdoor Activity Provider Membership Requirement Statement

Because of ACA’s commitment to safety and the protection of the public, applicants for ACA Membership who operate camps or led outdoor activity services must declare that the following requirements are currently adhered to and will be consistently maintained throughout the Membership period. These requirements are part of the Quality Tourism Framework Accreditation Program, and thus camps and led outdoor activity providers that hold Accredited status are expected to be already meeting these requirements.

Camps and led outdoor activity providers that are not accredited must declare that they meet the following requirements, as a condition of ACA membership:

  • The Member uses a Hire Agreement and Booking Form (templates available from the ACA).
  • The Member has a current registration as a Food Premise and a Health Premise from the local council (if applicable).
  • The Member has adopted and prominently displays an Emergency Plan. (see https://www.safeworkaustralia.gov.au/doc/emergency-plan-template for example).
  • Fire-fighting appliances are contracted for six monthly inspections by the relevant authority.
  • The Member holds a current Public Liability insurance policy.
  • The Member has a Child Protection Policy (templates available from the ACA).

Membership Agreement

Membership Compliance and Declaration Required– all Applicants

I/We hereby apply for Membership of the Australian Camps Association. I/We acknowledge that Membership is not confirmed until acceptance at the next scheduled ACA Board meeting.

  • I/We will notify the ACA promptly of any alterations to the information supplied in the application.
  • I/We agree to provide any information required by the ACA Board to support the Membership application.
  • I/We agree to the ACA Code of Practice.
  • I/We agree to the current rules of the Association

Privacy Statement

The Australian Camps Association is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information.  Member's personal information will be handled in accordance with the Australian Camps Association Privacy Policy.

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The Y - Howmans Gap Discovery Camp
22/07/24 - 24/07/24 36
VIC - High Country
ATAP accredited
Allambee Camp
22/07/24 - 26/07/24 135
ATAP accredited
Warra Gnan Coastal Camp
22/07/24 - 24/07/24 94
Great Ocean Road
ATAP accredited