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The Australian Camps Association constantly strives to ensure that all groups, no matter their background, are included and welcome to our services.

This of course includes Aboriginal people so, in 2020, we amended our logo to symbolically represent the foot and fingerprints of all Traditional Custodians across Australia. Whenever the Australian Camps Association and our members fly or promote our logo we are respectfully acknowledging this truth.



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ACA Welcomes Partnership with Camps3D

Last Minute Availability
The Portsea Camp
01/03/24 - 03/03/24 330
Mornington Peninsula
ATAP accredited
Camp Wombaroo
04/03/24 - 06/03/24 60
South Coast, Highlands, Snowy Mountains & Murray
ATAP accredited
Allambee Camp
04/03/24 - 05/03/24 100
ATAP accredited