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Today’s society offers so many options for our children. However, parents soon discover that most holiday programs fail to cater for their children’s diverse and ever changing interests. Camp Blue has set itself apart by providing a fun, engaging and dynamic program for all personalities.

Our philosophy is to provide each camper with a unique opportunity for growth. We strive to create an exciting, fun-filled environment where children feel physically and emotionally safe. Our focus on the development of social, emotional and physical skills result in children who are eager to participate and learn.

Our team emphasize values such as empathy, cooperation, and sportsmanship. Our staff are leaders, mentors and friends, to all Campers, and to each other. Through our philosophy and focus on core values, our program creates a happy community, where Campers and Staff really are ‘Free2BU’.

Contact Camp Blue:

PH: 02 9400 9413
E: sam@bellleisure.com.au
W: https://campblue.com.au

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Phone: 02 9400 9413
Website: http://www.campblue.com.au

Address: 3/20 West St, BROOKVALE, NSW, 2100

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Last Minute Availability
Angahook Holiday Camp
21/01/21 - 27/01/21 95
Great Ocean Road
ATAP accredited
Allambee Camp
22/01/21 - 28/01/21 100
ATAP accredited
Bayplay Camps
22/01/21 - 24/01/21 100
Mornington Peninsula