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Typo Station
N/A VIC - High Country

ACRE is a social enterprise with a BIG mission. We want a positive, vibrant future for rural and regional Australia. We believe in lighting a spark for young people to think creatively, to be entrepreneurial, to be innovative and to be supported by their community.

Established in 2013, ACRE has a deep commitment to and proven track record of delivering activities and programs that raise aspirations and inspire entrepreneurship in communities.

We offer guided learning and development programs, community brokerage services, advice and support to build entrepreneurial skills in individuals, organisations, government and community. We educate around the emerging model of Social Enterprise as a means of re-generating rural communities in Australia. Read more about our work here.

Our vision: A thriving rural Australia that is agile, resilient and enterprising.

Typo Station

ACRE is committed to the original purpose of the site as a venue for youth development. We see a unique opportunity to develop enterprise capabilities in an accelerated way through partnering with industry groups looking for staff who possess future work skills like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and leadership.

Proceeds from TYPO accommodation packages help fund ACRE’s core activity of embedding entrepreneurship in rural communities across Australia.

Typo Station is a site that represents Youth Development, through enhancing skills in problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and leadership. Programs run for young people at Typo have three main features:
- Indigenous Cultural Experience.
- Social Entrepreneurial Thinking
- Traditional Skills.

Typo Station is in Rose River, about 20 minutes from Whitfield in the King Valley and 50 minutes from the city of Wangaratta.

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Phone: 0400 603 416
Website: https://acre.org.au/

Address: 1334 Rose River Road, Cheshunt, VIC, 3678.

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The Australian Camps Association (ACA) Board are pleased to announce that after an extensive and thorough search, that Peter McDougall has commenced his role as CEO.

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