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new south wales
The Urban Challenge
N/A Sydney & Surrounds

Outdoor Education with a twist....The Urban Challenge is an innovative, adventurous programme developed to engage students in the urban landscape, to work as a team and to have a fun, exciting and real world experiences.

Our programme breaks new ground in innovation, enjoyment and value - The Urban Challenge is a unique unfolding adventure across the city, with students solving riddles, completing challenges and engaging in a range of exciting urban flavoured activities along the way.

There are countless benefits from The Urban Challenge; Real world independence, discovering new skills, taking responsibility for themselves and the group, skills transference, confidence, discovering new places and the, list goes on. The best bit is the students don't realise they are absorbing all this, as they are just having fun.

To engage the students, the adventure reveals itself over time on the internet. Starting the evening before camp, the student leader downloads the first day's instructions ready for when they arrive at school, then each night after uploading their daily blog and photos, they download the next day's programme.

The programme currently runs in Sydney, but plans are underway to bring this amazing programme to other capital cities soon.

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Phone: 02 9483 9333 or 0418 489 695
Website: http://www.theurbanchallenge.com.au

Address: 9 Romsey Street, Waitara, NSW, 2077

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