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Harp Renewables Australia
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Harp manufactures and supplies a range of Bio Digesters that convert food and other forms of organic waste into a dry and safe nutrient dense bio fertiliser within a 24-hour period.

The Harp solution eliminates landfill of harmful organic wastes, significantly reducing CO2 and greenhouse gases. Our Bio Digesters are capable of digesting between 1,000 50,000 litres (or 5.5 tonnes of food waste) a week. The process reduces the overall volume by 70-85% and importantly, no water is required to complete the process, nor is there any discharge to the sewer. There are significant economic and environmental benefits to be gained through the Harp Bio Digester, saving you costs while you help save the planet. This completely eradicates the need for external waste removal contractors with escalating costs at landfill. A true circular economy offering - waste in, and value returned in the output. If you are seeking to reduce your current waste disposal costs and reap the benefits of a true circular economy solution, the addition of a Harp Bio Digester to your sustainability toolkit will fast-track your goals. The benefits to your business include an 80%-100% reduction in bin and collection services costs, with up to 85% reduction in weight and volume of current organic food waste. A by-product of the Harp Bio Digester is the production of a safe, non-toxic nutrient-rich by product for use on your campgrounds called Infusion which negates the need to purchase expensive chemical-based fertilisers. Contact the team at Harp Renewables to learn about options to suit your site and current waste volumes and enquire of their competitive finance terms (Lease or Own). They will provide you with a free consultation, simply enter your details in the contact form below.

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Address: PO Box 925, Moss Vale, NSW, 2577

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