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south australia
The Camel Sanctuary
N/A SA - Flinders Ranges and Outback

Exploring an arid zone with camels is an unforgettable learning experience, which for many students can be a challenging adventure fostering the development of independence and resilience. These camps are particularly unique for combining the outdoors with animal husbandry, and almost all students are eager to be involved. Many students with spectrum challenges blossom whilst caring for, and interacting with the camels.? Camel staff provide occasions for students to rotate camping overnight with the camels, along with many opportunities which expose students to intellectual, physical and emotional challenges under demanding arid zone environmental conditions. We have witnessed students unearth personal strengths, develop confidence and learn the value of co-operation. It is our aim to awaken a belief in every student that they can overcome obstacles and hurdles encountered throughout the camp, and beyond as they journey through life. ?Students are taught about resilience, gratitude and mindfulness. They are also involved in creating a community spirit of optimism and team work, recognising and analysing their own and others' strengths.

Located in the visually stunning desert landscape and sand dunes of the Far North Flinders Ranges, contrasted between ranges and the starkness of Lake Torrens, the second largest salt lake in the Southern Hemisphere. Here students can develop personal skills and qualities beyond those possible on any other outdoor camp.

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