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Aubin Environmental
N/A VIC - Melbourne

AUBIN Environmental are a specialised in ONSITE SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEMS - we provide world class equipment, and free advisory services to members from our fully qualified team. We service AUSTRALIA WIDE.

Design, approvals, supply and operate, world class commercial strength sewage treatment plants. These plants are design for site owners who don't have time to waste.

Refurbish and upgrade your existing commercial sewage treatment plant with CSS’s CleanStream-PLUS package.

- Restaurants
- Hotels & motels
- Pubs & conference centres
- Schools & camps

Re-working your existing plant can be far cheaper and less disruptive than EPA fines, damaged reputation or replacing your whole system.

CleanStream-PLUS is an Australian designed and patented filter package comprised of

- Ultra-Filtration (0.05 micron)
- Ultra violet disinfection (UV).

It is designed to ‘bolt-on’ to the end of any existing commercial sized sewage treatment system and can control your legal and financial risk by upgrading effluent quality to world class standards.

AUBIN Environmental is a science and engineering company that is dedicated to advancing the standard and affordability of sewage treatment for small remote enterprises and communities.

Most importantly, our clients become members of our family too. We genuinely enjoy developing these relationships and enthusiastically help all our clients in any way we can, from EPA applications or audits, process engineering, or any other issue that pops up.

Get in touch
Phone: 0421241425
Website: http://www.aubin.com.au

Address: 29B Production Drive, Campbellfield, VIC, 3061

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