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The ACA has a Member Camp or Activity Provider to Suit your Needs!

The Australian Camps Association (ACA) has hundreds of member sites located throughout Australia, so we are sure to have the ideal location to meet your group’s needs.

Don’t forget that apart from representing the best camps in the country, the ACA is also proud to represent some of Australia’s most experienced outdoor activity providers in our membership. If you are looking for someone who can help your group take part in outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing, cycling or bushwalking, there is an ACA member who is ready to help.

ACA member camps regularly host faith based groups, sporting clubs, family reunions, birthdays and weddings, special interest groups and clubs, older adults, people with disabilities, corporate groups and, increasingly, groups from overseas – as well as primary and secondary school students of course.

The venues themselves are becoming ever more comfortable in response to modern expectations and the needs of diverse groups. Perhaps your group is made up of older folk possibly with mobility issues, perhaps your group includes people with disabilities, maybe your group is from a non-English speaking background or maybe you’d like to try ‘glamping’ – no matter, Australian Camps Association members can look after you.

It is often said that camps are all much the same in that they all have beds, catering and usually activities onsite. ACA members believe that while this is generally true, the thing that always brings groups back is always good old fashioned service. ACA member camps very often enjoy long-term relationships with groups that come to view the camp as ‘their own’ because they know that the camp staff understand their needs and because they can be assured of a warm welcome whenever they visit.

So don’t settle for average when selecting a camp or activity provider – use the ACA’s free booking enquiry service on our homepage www.auscamps.asn.au to request an information pack from all the member camps or activity providers that meet your criteria.

Looking for information about planning a residential camp?

The ACA has a history going back more than 30 years, and with that history comes great experience. That experience is at your service to help you prepare for and run a fantastic camp that provides your group with the best venue, content and outcomes. Email us at info@auscamps.asn.au or call us on 03 9863 6822 to discuss your needs.

We also have an extensive online library of residential camp related resources, available only to our members. If you would like to learn more about this, or to hear about the full range of ACA member benefits, contact our membership manager, Stephen Hamilton, at membership@auscamps.asn.au.

I’ve had a great time at camp – what next?

The ACA works closely with all Australian state peak bodies representing outdoor recreation and outdoor learning through Australia. If you have enjoyed canoeing on camp (for example) and you want to learn more, contact us and we can direct you to the right organisation.


Support the work of People Outdoors in providing camps for people with disabilities.

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