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As Australians emerge from extended periods of extraordinary media coverage of COVID-19, along with social isolation, lockdowns and other restrictions, it is natural that many have become wary of resuming pre-COVID-19 activities, including participating in camps and led outdoor activities.

CULTURE OF COMPLIANCE (2).pngThe Australian Camps Association has been making use of every resource to ensure that our participant’s safety is prioritised and that activities can resume with appropriate measures in place.  The Australian Camps Association has implemented COVIDSafe Plans for our Members in line with each state’s Department of Health recommendation, ensuring that our Member sites and activities, staff and procedures are adapted to ensure best practice.

COVIDSafe Plans include monitoring the health of staff and participants, the use of personal protective equipment, staff training, modifications to accommodation and programs, site preparation, enhanced cleaning of facilities and equipment, and more.  We monitor the changing environment closely and continue to develop new strategies for risk minimisation.

Australian Camps Association members are highly professional and have a long-standing culture of compliance. The outdoor sector is well regulated and has a reputation for quality delivery to groups of all types – schools, older people, faith groups, clubs, people living with disability and many more.

But while camps and outdoor activity providers work tirelessly to be as COVID-19 safe as possible, it is also important not to forget the many positive physical, mental, social and emotional benefits of camps and outdoor recreation. Put simply, being active outdoors is the best way to overcome the stresses and anxieties of social isolation, remote schooling and other COVID-19 restrictions!

We look forward to welcoming you in the outdoors soon.

To find the best camp or outdoor activity provider for your group, go to https://auscamps.secure.force.com/BookingEnquiry or contact us via email at info@auscamps.asn.au or by phone (03) 9863 6822.

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