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Not Just "School Camps"

Residential camps are best described as places that offer group accommodation, usually with catering (including self-cater options) and activities (led and / or self-managed) on site and most often located in beautiful regional areas.

One of the great misconceptions surrounding the residential camps sector is that Australian Camp Association (ACA) members just look after school groups. Nothing could be further from the truth!

It is certainly true that schools are big users of residential camps, yet even within schools there is a vast variety of group types. Camps have always accommodated whole year level outdoor education cohorts from primary and secondary schools but they also routinely host specialist music, sport, science and leadership camps as well as study, religious and staff retreats.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Here at the Australian Camps Association we receive more than 500 enquiries each year through our free online booking enquiry service, and schools account for about 20% of these. Did you know that the remaining 80% are made up of community groups of all kinds – faith based groups, sporting clubs, family reunions, birthdays and weddings, special interest groups and clubs, older adults, people with disabilities, corporate groups and, increasingly, groups from overseas?

With this great range of campers come a great range of needs. ACA member camps are highly proficient at looking after people with dietary needs (ranging from lifestyle choices and religious requirements through to serious food allergies), and they pride themselves on offering quality, fresh, locally sourced catering – frequently using ingredients from their own kitchen gardens. Any stigma associated with camp food is a thing of the past – nowadays you are assured of a delicious, appropriate and varied menu that will keep your group happily fuelled up and ready to tackle all those great camp activities.

Indoor Comfort – Outdoor Fun!

Camps themselves are becoming ever more comfortable in response to modern expectations and the needs of diverse groups. Perhaps your group is made up of older folk possibly with mobility issues, perhaps your group includes people with disabilities, or maybe your group is from a non-English speaking background – no matter, Australian Camps Association members can look after you.

Many camps now offer ensuited rooms with summer air-conditioning and heating for the colder months, as well as a variety of small and large meeting rooms suitable for every type of gathering. All offer a range of enjoyable activities, led by qualified experts where necessary, that will keep your group both challenged and engaged. And, as most camps are located in areas of natural beauty, there is always plenty to do nearby – from seeing the sights through to wine tasting and enjoying local hospitality.

Not only residential camps – activities too!

Don’t forget that apart from representing the best camps in the country, the Australian Camps Association is also proud to represent some of Australia’s most experienced outdoor activity providers in our membership. If you are looking for someone who can help your group take part in outdoor activities such as canoeing, climbing, cycling or simply bushwalking, there is an ACA member who is ready to help.

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