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If you're looking for adventure, there's a place you can go, at the beach, at the country and even the city. You'll make the best new besties, balancing fun times with friends. You'll move yourself forward, climb your own mountains and burn off your energy. You'll lead you're own quest, and find your heart in your throat. You'll explore new paths, jump up for joy, then hit the water. You'll find quiet times, and meal times, and a new tune to sing. Then you'll get out again, to set new targets, and really get into the swing of things!

Whatever your group, whatever your age, wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever your ability, there's a place you can go, where barriers do not exist, where you'll reach personal heights, you never dreamed possible. Where you will meet you, unlimited.

Camps for seniors groups,

Camps for people living with disability,

Camps for school groups,

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Camps for every group.

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Thank you to all ACA Members who provided footage for use in this video.


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Last Minute Availability
The Y - Howmans Gap Discovery Camp
22/07/24 - 24/07/24 36
VIC - High Country
ATAP accredited
Allambee Camp
22/07/24 - 26/07/24 135
ATAP accredited
Warra Gnan Coastal Camp
22/07/24 - 24/07/24 94
Great Ocean Road
ATAP accredited