Great Getaways - Camps for Over 55's


The Australian Camps Association (ACA) has been running outdoor programs for over 55’s – “Great Getaways” since 2017. Since that time there have been eight Great Getaways with hundreds of older adults having now enjoyed their time away meeting like-minded people.

All Great Getaways are held at ACA Member camps where participants enjoy active time away from the ‘norm’, experience new things and meet new people in a supportive environment. Comfortable shared accommodation and full catering is provided at all sites.

Great Getaways provide an opportunity for people looking to try activities such as abseiling, rock climbing, hiking, high ropes and a giant swing to ‘give it a go’. However, it’s not all go, go, go – participants also enjoy slower paced activities like evening presentations, group games and more.

All participants are over 55 years -the oldest participant has been a spritely 83! Everyone is supported and encouraged to attempt every activity to the best of their abilities.

 “I learnt that I could do something that previously I was afraid to do!”

Many participants have become good friends and return to the Great Getaways on a regular basis. How long has it been since you’ve ridden a bike, pushed your own boundaries and spent time outdoors? Perhaps it’s time you joined us on a Great Getaways – we’d love to see you.

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