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The Australian Camps Association is Happy to Announce an Exciting New Partnership with Camps3D

Camps3D brings your camp to life!

As Australia’s leading 3D virtual tour solution providers for venues of all sizes in the tourism and hospitality industry. The founders of Camps3D have perfected a tailored product specific for camps and developed the necessary expertise for the production requirements of these venues.

This groundbreaking new VISUAL marketing tool is beneficial for both online visitors and in-house teams and will serve for many years to come.

View an Introductory Video below (3min 29sec), click image below:


Live Example

Explore Woodhouse Adventure Centre, an ACA Member who saw Camps3D at the ACA National Conference. To view, please click image below:


Camps3D creates bespoke solutions which perfectly fit a camps branding. This ensures your visitors feel welcome in the virtual environment as much as they do on your website or on an in-person site visit. In fact, having an intuitive, comprehensive, “digital twin” of your camp will save you time by removing the need for some “in-person” guided tours. Potential guests can virtually tour your site straight from your website, using the Camps3D platform. Camps3D brings many other positives, including;

Guest Benefits

  • Enhanced Virtual Experience.
  • Works on any screen size.
  • Improves geographical accessibility.
  • Boosts confidence in decision-making
  • Interactive learning tool.
  • Parental reassurance.
  • Cutting edge convenience level.
  • Reduced miscommunication.
  • Explore in VR & Apple Vision Pro (Coming Soon).
  • Involve Kids In Planning.

Admin Benefits

  • Increased engagement.
  • Improved marketing and promotion.
  • Time efficiency.
  • Showcasing amenities.
  • Increased booking conversions.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Accessibility compliance.
  • Facility planning.
  • Layout optimisation.
  • Historical documentation.
  • Contemporary for years to come.
  • Grow with the times.

What’s involved in the process?
As each camp is distinctly different, the planning process is hands on and from your first point of contact, to the cameras rolling on-site and final delivery, you will work closely with the Camps3D team to make sure your site is perfectly replicated.

You can expect a final delivery within 3-4 weeks of the shoot. All Camps3D team members who visit sites, have current Working With Children cards. Begin your virtual journey by booking your call with Uwe, the Managing Director of Camps3D here.

Production spots are limited for each year, as the level of expertise required is very high and the work involves a lot of travel and flexibility by the Camps3D team.


  • National ACA Member pricing.
  • Priority treatment before non-association member camp operators.
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