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The visual search engine uses pictures and videos to showcase many thousands of visitor economy, travel, recreation, leisure and vacation care businesses from towns, suburbs and regions all across Australia.

It is FREE to join for all users including Businesses and organisations.

On you search for fun by looking at photo and video search results, which then connect you directly to a business or organization. Not only is this a really simple way to search, it can even make the job of finding fun, fun! And being a visual search method, even the little kids can get into it.

As a proximity search engine FunSearch ALSO gives results automatically without the need to search, meaning that users of all ages will immediately see photos and videos representing the various fun opportunities nearby.

Businesses, Councils and entire regions on FunSearch will benefit as it is the only national marketing channel made to specifically connect all visitor economy businesses directly with their domestic consumer market around 70% of the holiday and VFR (visiting friends and relatives) market. It is far from just another website or directory.

FunSearch solves a year-round and recurring fun-search problem for Australians by providing a consolidated, targeted marketing channel for Australia’s travel, recreation, leisure and vacation care operators to share their fun offers, events, activities, school holiday programs and classes and more.

The company will launch with around 30,000 visitor economy businesses including many camps, accommodation types, tours, events, activities and fun things to do from around Australia, all seamlessly digitally connected on one national platform, for the first time.

FunSearch helps solve the holiday planning, search and time issue for all people, while opening the market to anyone looking for fun of any kind anywhere in Australia.

As an Impact Business, FunSearch is not merely commercially focused, with goals above and beyond commercial success. This is reflected in our support and work with, itself a major partner to FunSearch.

Odonata have a range of impact aims including helping to breed threatened Australian species, preserving natural environments to improve biodiversity, supporting farmers and tourism operators to transition to sustainable business models such as Agritourism and Ecotourism and much, much more!


Supporting and protecting our environment;
Creating new jobs in regional areas;
Supporting special needs Australians;
Getting everyone moving: off the couch and into nature;
Educating kids by making learning fun.
As an Australian Camps Association member, we’d love you to join with us to help improve the promotion of your own offer to your customers, to grow your business and the sector and to help directly or indirectly in our wider impact goals.

We very much welcome all enquiries including those around partnerships and collaboration.

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