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Camps Tasmania
N/A TAS - Launceston, Tamar and The North

Holiday Activity - Arts Camp

02/10/21 - 04/10/21
10-14 y/o

Our Art Camps are full of creativity, imagination and hands on activities. It is a unique program that fosters individuals interests and exposes them to a wide variety of activities. Each camp will offer different activities and may include: baking, comic strip drawing, drama workshops, cartoon drawing, watercolour painting, acrylic painting, photography, clay modelling, collage, card creation, dance, macrame, singing and more.

It is a a fantastic program that offers the chance to initially develop or further progress creative skills and interest.

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Camps Tasmania was created to give young people in Tasmania opportunities like no other- the opportunity to experience Camp, make new friends, try new things and have a whole heap of fun. Our Holiday Camps have been specially designed for 12-16 year olds with all ages and interests in mind. These camps are in high demand and encourages youth to get involved, stay off technology, make new friends, try new things and have some good old fun. We have an encouraging and positive environment where Youth feel comfortable and are free to be themselves at Camp. Our aim at Camp is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. We focus on disconnecting from technology and reconnecting with the world around us. Offering a diverse range of activities from arts, crafts, sports, group games, challenges, campfire and more. - Leadership Camps - Summer/Winter Camps - Leadership Training Sessions - School/Youth Camps Camps Tasmania was created to give young people in Tasmania opportunities like no other - an opportunity to experience a Summer Camp, make new friends, try new things and have a whole heap of fun. Camps Tasmania Summer Camp is a multi-day sleep-away Camp, run for young people, full of amazing new experiences with a core focus on FUN!

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Factory life, new equipment, and the best takeaway.

At One Planet, the multiple closure(s) of our Melbourne manufacturing has kept us agile, with our longest shutdown being more than 100 days. However, there have been upsides: during 2020-2021 we have been fortunate to have the time and opportunity to reinvigorate our commitment to local manufacturing Behind the scenes, we’ve made significant investments in technologies for our Melbourne facility, acquiring a modern automatic cutter for textiles and webbing, the latest seam- sealing technology and elegant down-filling machinery. New equipment for us: to make the best equipment for you.

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