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Camp Mallana Trust


CampMallina.jpgThe Rotary Club of Collingwood, inspired by the late George Green in 1963, started a holiday program for the disadvantaged children of that area.   The program was successful and a permanent site was sought.

The site, now known as 'Camp Mallana', was acquired in 1965, and the Collingwood Adventure Camp Project (C.A.C.P.) was established to develop the site and continue the camping program.   The objective of the organisation was to provide a facility for low cost adventurous pursuits in a natural bushland environment.

Here the youth of Collingwood, Richmond and Fitzroy regions, and neighbouring inner city areas, could develop a greater understanding of their own self esteem and the importance of relationships with others.

In 1986, after 21 years of service, management of the camp became too difficult, and the decision was made to sell the camp and invest the proceeds in a trust, using the interest accrued to send children to other camps.

When Wesley College, who purchased Camp Mallana, made their generous offer to make the camp available for four weeks each January and assist with the management of the trust, a joint trust was formed between C.A.C.P and Wesley College.

CampMallanaLogo.pngThe Grants

Grants are available to organisations to cover fees and/or travel costs to assist young people to attend an organisation’s own camp, or to send young people to an established camping program run by another organisation.

Individuals may also apply. The nominated person must be aged under 19 years at the time of the camp.

*Available only in Victoria*

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